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We listen carefully and pay attention to the details when our customers tell us their stories and wishes, because we can only achieve our goals together with our customers.

Fink Different is a small boutique agency for event and show staging - artistically and technically adept, with an eye for detail and a sense for the highest quality.

I accompany my clients through all phases of their projects and help them to create extraordinary productions and experiences.

I want to create creations that live on, have an impact, move and touch you beyond the event itself - and I am convinced that format and narrative form can also entertain and be fun at corporate events.

For this I think outside the box and understand that an event today not only has a temporary effect, but is always part of a campaign or even the campaign itself.


We are honest and direct with customers, partners and with ourselves - and we expect the same from our counterparts, because this is the only way we can complement and advance each other.


We are interested in the larger context and want to create experiences that will be remembered. A portion of craziness helps us to come up with extraordinary ideas and to keep the fun in the development.

Fink Different is the point of contact for the development and implementation of complex events and projects with a staging character: I combine creation, dramaturgy and staging with technology, virtual applications and modern video communication and use them to create new experiences and formats.

I see new forms such as hybrid and purely virtual events as "natural" and I am looking for the best possible staging for the respective format - both technologically and dramaturgically.

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